Welcoming: The WORD

Welcome to Big Brain Think Tank!


We are thrilled you clicked over to join us as we build a blog of collective thinkers who have foresight into the mega-big ideas, are forecasting the macro effects on innovation, industry, and individuals, and those who are fundamental in the application of micro trends to new product development and design. We call this M3T – Mega, Macro, and Micro Trends.


We will explore, experience, educate, and evolve together on topics with a broad range, but with a point of detailed purpose – as they relate to Trends. Some posts will be short, some long, some only an image, and some will be videos.

You will come to learn quickly about me, well, because I’m telling you right now, that I love alliterations! You will see them used often. They are fun for reading. I love to rhyme, I love to play with words, mix them together, make new words, and I love to talk about their meaning, especially when a word has me irked.


Like the word Trend. Are you as tired of it as I am? It’s ironic, isn’t it, that the word trend has become so trendy that it lost it’s true meaning and power? I use it in everything I do, yet I am constantly searching for an alternative. I know what it means, but it feels like very few other people know anymore. Or they don’t care. Or they too can not find an alternative. Or they have been brainwashed by the media. It is taken out of context and used inappropriately in articles, ads, marketing, design, industry talk, and job titles more often than I can count.


Posted on LinkedIn a few months ago was a picture of a child’s shoe, black, plain, with 2 velcro straps. It was a new introduction by a company which will remain unnamed. The ad copy claimed that it was “comfy” and “trendy.” Since I was gathering research and beginning to write my newest book “The Trouble with Trends” (due out 1st quarter 2016) which goes into depth on this topic, I decided to call the company and speak with the person who posted the image.

When I asked her kindly and inquisitively what she meant by “trendy,” what about the shoe categorized it as “trendy,” what “trend” was being projected, and ultimately what mega or macro story was this “trend” derived from…she had NO answers! Well, that’s not true. She had 1 answer. It was that she had no idea and that she was only using the word because it was good for marketing. Hmmmm, let that sink in!

Have we become that complacent and frivolous with our words? Where’s the creativity? At BBTT our posts will focus on bringing topics and words to you in a unique way, hopefully making it fun and sometimes funny as well.


So, what happens when the word trend, isn’t trendy anymore? What word will we use then? Let’s make up some new ones together!

Your words are always welcome here! Please share your thoughts so we can collaboratively come up with new directions for our industries. We at BBTT are just getting this community started. We hope you will engage!


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