CELEBRATE! 10 weeks until Colour Couture turns 10! $100 off TRANSform 2019+ trend book and private webinar presentation package.

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun. Colour Couture [parent company of M3Trend & BBTT: Big Brain Think Tank] is turning 10 in 10 weeks. Each week Kiki and the team will be sharing something exciting with all of you.


What can you expect to see from us?

Announcements of our new website launch [please understand our current website is under construction], Summer & Fall 2018 M3Trend Trainings & Retreats with special VIP LinkedIn Connection pricing, Kiki’s upcoming ebook presale The Trouble with Trends, a new vlog series, webinars, workshops, new added services and much more!

For week 1 of our 10 week journey to our double digit anniversary, Colour Couture is offering $100 off our 2019+ Color & Design Forecast: TRANSform! Including the entire cross-industry macro & micro trends ebook and a 2 hour webinar with Kiki. A $497 package for $397, good only for the NEXT 10 WEEKS [April 30th]. More details on what our forecasts include are below. Reach out to Colour Couture and book your date with Kiki by calling 612.242.4571, emailing kiki@kikiscolourcouture.com, or through LinkedIn pm.


TRANSform – Trends in Color & Design 2019+

  • Synopsis and breakdown of the overarching global mega trend TRANSform
  • 4-5 macro trend themes supporting society, culture, industry, product, and consumer influences
  • 8-12 micro stories with inspiration color palettes & image collages – each with 3-5 notated colors
  • 8-12 key micro element pages i.e. finishes, textures, patterns, effects, materials, and shapes
  • Final palette displays of all 30 future colors with RGB & Pantone codes

General Industry Presentations:

  • Consumer Goods & Packaging
  • Technology & Automotive
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Home Decor & Accessories

All packages come with the TRANSform presentation and a cross-industry mix of the four general industries listed above. If you prefer to focus on one industry area we can work to customize for your specific product category or company needs. Call 612.242.4571 or email kiki@kikiscolourcouture.com for pricing! 10 year anniversary $100 off promo is good for scheduled presentations through April 30th.


Presentation plus Let’s Chat Q&A with Kiki via webinar

Full ebook take-away of themes, images, and colors


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