Hi! I’m Kiki Redhead

For almost 15 years I’ve been fiercely focused on tri-level trend forecasting particularly through the identification, distillation, presentation, and application of future directions as they translate to color and the elements of design. I seriously LOVE IT!

In 2008 I opened Colour Couture, a consultancy that has since coached cross-industry clients from over 12 countries with color and design evolution in ideation, innovation, product development, marketing, and merchandising.

Together with another crazy color lover, we co-authored and created a professional educational program with accompanying textbook in 2009 (Color Consultant Certification) and a DIY ebook in 2010 (Color Confidence).

After receiving my Master’s Degree in Trend Forecasting from Italy’s prestigious Polimoda, I became obsessed with spreading visionary knowledge on the implementation of mega, macro, and micro trends, projecting companies on a path for future financial success. This birthed 3 exciting initiatives that are NOW ready to share with you; M3T an executive level retreat training, Big Brain Think Tank: A blog cultivating a collaborative community of big thinkers, and a new book The Trouble with Trends (due out 1st quarter 2016).

Things I love & trust…

Alliterations, they are endlessly entertaining. My intuition. It’s killer amazing. Dance. I’ve been dancing my heart out since 3yrs old. Tribal Fusion Bellydance has been my thing for the last 5. Books, books, books. Especially ones that make me a better or smarter me. Wine. Hallowine is an apple wine with cinnamon and nutmeg that you drink warm. YUM. I wish it was available all year. Lakes, oceans, water and woods. Hiking. Meditation. Astrology and Numerology. Universal Energy and compassion. My family. My partner Aaron. He’s the coolest, most talented, and super handsome. And Bunny aka Bunzy Girl. Our 10yr old Heterochromia Blue Merle Welsh Corgi.


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